What are the benefits of utilizing a real estate agent?

Everyone knows a real estate agent, or knows someone that knows a real estate agent. There are plenty of them out there, but there is a reason: an in-depth knowledge of a particular town, or neighborhood, is critical when real estate is involved.


Buying a home is typically the largest purchase of your life. As such, you should have an advocate on your side. Of course your Nations Lending Personal Mortgage Advisor is that person for financing, but the actual transaction should involve a trained and experienced real estate agent.


Working with the right professionals in your real estate transaction is critical, and just as important as your lender. Your agent will be your advisee on what home to buy, determining an offer price, communicating with the seller's agent, verifying escrow, and reviewing title and disclosure reports for accuracy and compliance. Realtors are seasoned in the art of home buying as well as their market areas. A professional guide can keep you from making huge mistakes such as offering to much money or choosing the wrong house.